Condé International Wants Loyal, Influential Readers

Scale doesn't matter as much.

Condé Nast International doesn’t want the biggest audience, it wants the right audience. That’s according to Condé Nast International’s chief digital officer, Wolfgang Blau (pictured).

Blau explained his theory that “You can’t win a race for reach,” during Digiday’s Publishing Summit in Nice, France.

“Yes, you have to build an audience,” said Blau. “We have an audience across the portfolio of roughly 200 million uniques. We want to grow the audience, but we don’t have to be the largest audience in our segment. We need to be big enough to deliver value to our clients and to be in the conversation, but I’m much more interested in a narrative in which Vogue, in every market we’re in, has the most passionate community of fashion lovers and fashion professionals.”