Confessions of a Condé Nast Layoff Victim

Our colleague at FBNY, Amanda Ernst, lost her job last November when Condé Nast closed DNR, where she had been working.

Now she offers her own tips to support the 180 folks who are losing their jobs thanks to Condé’s closing of four titles, and the many more who will likely be cut as the weeks go on.

Ernst writes:

I’m still working as a journalist, I’m not homeless and, most of the time, I can pay my bills. And the panic attacks and a paralyzing sense of self-doubt have subsided over time. I managed somehow. And so can you.

So how did I do it? I accepted help from family and friends — emotional and monetary — whenever they offered. I changed my expectations. I tried new things, talked to new people and sent my resume to everyone who I thought could help. The first six months were the most difficult, but during that time I learned more than I ever wanted to know about unemployment insurance, COBRA and writing cover letters.

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