Configuring the iPad to Work With an Ancient Bluetooth Keyboard is a Snap

I have an “ancient” (about 5 years old) Think Outside folding Bluetooth keyboard that was originally bought to work with Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. When folded it is about the width of two iPhones side-by-side but a bit shorter. It is powered by a pair of AA batteries. So, all it took to get it running again was to insert a fresh pair of batteries.

Configuring the iPad to work with the keyboard was very simple:

Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard
1. Unfold it
2. Press the Ctrl(left), Fn (blue), and Fn (green) key together. The LED at the top of the keyboard starts to blink indicating it is discoverable

Apple iPad
3. Settings
4. General
5. Bluetooth – turn On
6. Identify the Bluetooth keyboard
7. Connect
8. The iPad provides a 6-digit number to type on the keyboard

Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard
9. Type the 6-digit number displayed on the iPad
10. Press Enter

The only drawback to this setup is that the iPad asks me to type a 6-digit number everytime I pair the keyboard with it. But, this is reasonably fast to do and is outweighed by the value of having a physical keyboard to use for heavier text entry.

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