Confusing Skype Mobile Strategies: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone

What is going on over at Skype. Let’s see:

1. They semi-cripple the iPhone version by not allowing it to be used over a 3G connection
2. They refuse to or are unable to develop a universal app or version that makes use of the iPad’s screen
3. The Skype for Android app is only available for the Verizon Droid
4. They removed a fully functional app for Windows Mobile 6.x that has been around quite a while

And, now, let’s add a #5:

Skype VP says company isn’t developing software for Windows Phone 7 (Update: it’s ‘on the roadmap’) (Engadget->WMPoweruser->Smarthouse)

So, if Skype for Windows Phone is “on the roadmap”, what is the deal with what we have right now, Windows Mobile 6.1 & 6.5, and the now missing Skype version for current Windows Mobile phones?

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