Connor Barth Tweets Tampa Bay for NFL Job, Brings #PRWin With Him

Behold, the power of tweets.

If you have a fantasy football team, you may know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a problem in the special teams department. In fact, life sucks because there is a revolving door for both of their kicker positions, as noted in Kickology.

This is partly due to the fact the team may as well have a bunch of dudes named Dave kicking because no one can kick an accurate field goal or punt without a shank out of bounds. However, those troubles may have ended for the Bucs—not because of a tryout or a free agency waiver wire.

Actually, it was because of Twitter. Wait, what?


Maybe his agent was on the golf course. Perhaps his phone was in another pair of pants. Whatever the reason, Connor took straight to social media.

And it worked.

Connor Barth was the top trend in Florida for several hours. Fans begged the Bucs to sign him (again). The team already has a good relationship with him because Barth is Tampa Bay’s best field goal kicker in team history. So, that would explain the two-year contract he got for $2.75 million.

Think about it: A dwindling fan base. A crappy record. A depleted special teams unit. And one tweet from a guy who was sitting on his couch buried in Cheetos crumbs fixes everything.

God bless social media.