Conservative Site Wants Olbermann Off

A conservative Web site wants MSNBC host Keith Olbermann kicked off because of his “hate speech.”

Olbermann writes the Baseball Nerd blog for Major League Baseball’s Web site. Say the folks behind “Behind the Great Game”:

Given our love of the game, its traditions and history, we are puzzled as to why the greatness that is Major League Baseball, allows Keith Olbermann to tarnish its blog pages with his musings. True, Keith Olbermann is a gifted speaker with a respectable grasp of the great game, but his nightly tirades on MSNBC are often aimed at the very people that fill the stands of baseball parks across our great land. In light of this we have put this site together to ask a very basic question, “Why does Major League Baseball allow an individual who relishes hate speech to be associated with it?”