Become A Consumer Advocate On Twitter With Nevahold

Customer service may be going social, but some companies have yet to get on board (and a few are even jumping ship).

Why not help them along by becoming a consumer advocate? It’s a simple, free way to make your voice heard while helping other regular folks be heard as well.

Oh and the best part? It not only shares criticism – it also shares praise.

Nevahold leverages the social influence of it users to help other users get quick responses from companies.

How? A few ways, actually. But let’s start with how it works.

Customers wanting to send a complaint, question or tweet praising a company need only include the #Nevahold hashtag and they’ll get picked up, retweeted and logged.

Now to how that helps:

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, you’ve likely noticed that folks with larger followings get better resolution online. Nevahold seeks to use the combined power of all users for the benefit of all. provides a platform where #nevahold tweets are consolidated (complaints, questions, praise) and searchable. Consumers can search for brands and their response rates. Right now, it’s limited to mostly airlines, wireless and consumer electronics – but you’ll find other services there as well, like shipping services (a biggee this holiday season).

You can also see tweets and responses to shouts on the Nevahold website.

Beyond that, if you have 50 or more Twitter followers, you can sign up to become a consumer advocate. This means you’d be allowing Nevahold to send retweets from your account (no more than two per day, they promised!) – and you can specify the kinds of tweets you want retweeted.

If that makes you uncomfortable, you could make it a habit to check in on the hashtag and help folks out every now and then – just make sure you retweet praise as well as questions and complaints (let’s be fair).

Oh and if you really want to effect a lasting change at a company, you can also start a campaign. Campaigns allows a user to request a policy or poor customer service change by asking the support of friends and families, plus the nevahold community.

And finally, if the person who has composed a “shout” doesn’t hear back, Nevahold helps them get heard by contacting them via various channels. We haven’t seen that last part in action outside of the video below, but even without it, the power of everyone’s tweets is enough to make make companies snap to, we’d imagine.

Check out this video to see Nevahold in action and then check out the site to join!

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