ConsumerBell Looks To Crowdsource Corporate Accountability

Did Comcast just rake you over the coals and double the cost of your cable, internet, and television? You aren’t alone and ConsumerBell is here to protect you. No matter what company has potentially hurt you, consumers are the ones who should have control. By letting consumers join together, ConsumerBell looks to help those who have been mistreated by corporations and hold them accountable.

Only up for a couple weeks, ConsumerBell has already succeeded at getting customers refunds. After getting swamped with complaints about Comcast, a number of customers that published their complaints on ConsumerBell had their accounts restored and refunded for unapproved charges. While the Comcast’s triple play trick has been pulled on numerous customers, only a few have voiced their complaints in a public forum.

ConsumerBell aims to have other successes on small and large levels. In some cases it can be more serious. Drug corporations, for example, often release drugs that can physically damage people, and in some cases even kill them. Consumers frequently don’t know where to turn to when they are affected by malevolent acts of corporations and many lawyers will give them the advice that it will be “too expensive to pursue a suit”.

Now class action lawyers and consumers have a single place to connect and hold the corporations accountable. While the site is only a proof of concept right now, founder Ellie Cachette (who’s also an occasional writer for us) told us that they are working on an automated platform that will help build instant communities around individual complaints.

Personally, I think this site has a ton of potential, and with a number of complaints already resolved, I’d imagine that ConsumerBell has a bright future ahead of itself.

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