Consumers Dig QR Codes, But There’s More Learning to Do

About one-third of smartphone users (32 percent) have used a QR code, and 70 percent say they would use one, according to an MGH survey. The company surveyed 415 smartphone users last year. With Ad Age reporting that large companies like Macy’s are building consumer awareness of the bar codes (the retailer launched the Backstage Pass campaign shown above more recently), these numbers may already be climbing. However, there are obstacles to overcome.

“Poor internet connection, slow load times and outdated phones all contribute to an inconsistent experience for consumers,” Ad Age writes. Laura Marriott, CEO of NeoMedia, a QR company, adds that people are reluctant to download the mobile apps or think that using the codes are a “hassle.”

Google’s use of NFC technology in its Places service may also be a hindrance.

The survey also found that men and women used QR codes at about the same frequency, 53 percent had used one for a coupon or deal and 52 percent said they scanned a QR code for more info, and 23 percent were using the codes to either make an online purchase or for social engagement, Marketing Profs adds.