ContentGems And HootSuite Announce Partnership

Content curation platform ContentGems has been operating under the radar for several years, focusing on cultivating a customer base and nurturing a quality product.

Now the power tool is flying boldly into the Twitter ecosystem with a partnership with HootSuite, as well as a major expansion of the ContentGems revenue model.

ContentGems works by monitoring top online sources, including 200,000+ news sources, blogs, and social media accounts, and filtering the results based on marketers’ keywords and social signals.

It’s an answer to the one of the key questions of the social media era: how do you sift through the noise to mine only what’s accurate and useful?

In addition to plucking out intelligible bites of content from the firehose of the social web, ContentGems is also a time-saver, surfacing recommended content that marketers can share and write about without the time commitment of having done the research. (Looking at you, community managers.)

Another platform in the space, Dataminr, just secured $30 million in private funding from venture capital firms to continue its work transforming social media streams into actionable signals, weeding out the credible tweets from the questionable.

But the beauty of ContentGems is its new integration with HootSuite, which means you can view, and share, quality content straight from your HootSuite dashboard.

As of today, the ContentGems stream app is now available for free to ContentGems and HootSuite users.

In addition, ContentGems is rolling out a free tier of service. The product is now available to a much broader audience – albeit, with limitations that accompany a freemium model.

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