Context Optional Launches Moderation Tool For Facebook Pages

They say transparency is important in the world of social media, however participation in social media also brings with it certain risks. On Facebook one of the greatest risks is that people will post offensive content on your Facebook Page. That’s why Context Optional is announcing the launch of a moderation tool which lets page administrators manage content being posted to their page at scale.

There are a number of features included in this new moderation tool including:

  • Ability to manage multiple pages through one interface
  • Auto-delete offensive comments
  • Escalate issues to others internally
  • Maintain an audit trail of actions taken
  • Archive deleted comments

While this feature is a premium offering, for larger companies who have a dedicated person to managing the organization’s social media presence, it makes a lot of sense to have a single dashboard. This single social media management dashboard concept is one that many companies are currently going after. Whether its analytics, moderation, customization, or other features, there are numerous companies attempting to cater to the needs of brands in the social media space.

While Context Optional is also focused on developing custom branded experiences, it’s clear that Facebook Pages present a massive opportunity for social media agencies. That’s why I called Facebook page management software the new trend just last week. This new feature from Context Optional is only one of many tools that brands will find useful.

For now we’ll continue to track the expanding trend toward a single social media management dashboard.