Conversation Turns Appropriately Toxic on Behar with Press and Coulter

Things took a spirited turn Monday night on HLN’s Joy Behar show among lefty radio host Bill Press, right wing commentator Ann Coulter and the host.

Press was there to launch his new book, Toxic Talk, a title that appeared to come alive during the show.

At one point Behar grew jokingly irritated that Press was directing his gaze at Coulter (whose eyelashes looked extra long), not her. She told Press to look at her, not Coulter — or else “Get a room!”

Press and Coulter, who agreed on all of nothing, engaged in plenty of harsh banter that could be called “toxic”. Behar asked about the media’s treatment of controversial Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul. “His problem isn’t the pesky reporter, this is what he believes,” Press stressed of Paul’s views on the Civil Rights Act.

Discussion also turned toward to former VP hopeful Sarah Palin and whether she receives unnecessarily bad press. Coulter says yes. Press says no. Coulter said Press told her in the green room that the scandals of liberal reporters get buried, but if a Fox News intern had something happen, that intern would be on the front page of the NYT.

To which Press replied, “What’s said in the green room stays in the green room, isn’t that the deal?”

Watch a clip of the segment here.