Conversnitch: The Lamp That Live-Tweets Your Private Conversations

Conversnitch: The Lamp That Live-Tweets Your Private Conversations

Turns out you aren’t paranoid after all.

They are out to get you.

Two artists have created Conversnitch, a cheap device that can be easily built into a lamp or bulb that records conversations it hears around it, and posts the results to Twitter.

Powered by a Raspberry Pi computer and costing less than $100, Conversnitch is the work of Kyle McDonald and Brian House. The gadget, which is essentially unnoticeable, and can easily be deployed in any public (or private) space, uses a mic and wifi connection to eavesdrop on chatter.

The audio is then streamed to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk where it is transcribed into snippets of text which are tweeted out, live, to the @conversnitch Twitter profile.

Check the video below for more detail:

“We recognize that this device can be used in an illegal way, and we will not admit to using it in that way,” says McDonald. “It has potentially been deployed in various places. I think you have to make things provocative or even dangerous if you want people to pay attention.”

(Source: Wired.)

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