Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Launches on iOS, Android

The latest title in the Cooking Mama franchise sees players preparing dishes for Papa by completing step-by-step mini-games.

Fans of the popular Cooking Mama franchise have a new installment to try on iOS and Android devices, with Game Informer reporting (via Digital Spy) that Cooking Mama Let’s Cook has come to mobile. Published by Office Create, the free-to-play game challenges players to prepare a variety of dishes by completing step-by-step recipes and mini-games.

In Cooking Mama Let’s Cook, players help Mama create dishes for Papa, starting with dishes including cheese omelettes and cupcakes. Players can practice the steps of each recipe before diving into the actual cooking experience, which breaks recipes down into timed events.

When preparing salisbury steak, for instance, players begin by peeling and chopping an onion, before moving onto sautéing the onion, grinding the meat and so on. Players earn up to three stars on each stage of a recipe, depending on their performance — burning the onions would make Mama unhappy and ruin the player’s chance for a perfect score on the dish.

When the dish is complete, players earn an overall star rating for the meal, as well as up to three hearts from Papa, relating to his approval of the dish. Papa also guides players through the game via quests, which reward users with coins upon completion. These coins can be used to retry cooking steps without restarting the entire dish.

While gamers begin with a few free recipes, additional recipe packs are available for in-app purchase. There are five packs available so far, each priced at $3.99. For additional gameplay, players can prepare their completed dishes on higher difficulty levels, or complete daily challenges relating to specific recipes steps, like cracking eggs or placing ingredients on skewers.

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.