Corporate Blogging Tip: Use Your “More” Tag

One mouse-click can change everything for you. Looking good was never so productive!

If you came to this article through Twitter, Facebook or a Google search, I encourage you to hit the home page when you’re done reading it. No, I’m not trolling for an extra pageview. Rather, it’s instrumental to the point you’re about to see. There are a lot of blogs that have a particular problem, but corporate blogs seem particularly prone to it. It drives me nuts to see the entire post on the front page of a blog, and it costs you intelligence. A simple mouse-click can improve the look of your corporate blog and drive results at the same time.

Okay, not sure what I’m talking about? Well, it’s actually straightforward. Some blogs list a series of stories on their front pages. Each is a paragraph or two long and offers a chance for you to click through to see more. Others don’t do this. They’ll push 500 or 600 words on the front page, giving you everything at once. It takes forever to scroll through the headlines on the front page, and giving everything at once means there’s no reason to click through. It costs you a pageview … but that’s just the start.

Remember: every click tells you something. If a reader hits your blog and stays on the home page, you don’t know what he’s reading. This person may be ready to have a conversation with your sales force, but you lack the marketing intelligence to make it as productive as possible.

The “more” tag – though the exact name varies by blog platform – provides an easy solution. After the first paragraph in your story, click the “more” button to put a tag in your code. The result will be that readers will have to click through to see the rest of the story. You’ll learn what is interesting to your target market, and your sales force will walk away with more information to use in converting that opportunity.

In addition to the increase in sales and marketing intelligence, you’ll also see a higher rate of clicks. Your traffic will go up, and each of those pageviews provides another impression. Your brand will get greater visibility in front of the same person, which will help you to form a relationship with that target. And, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Simply put, there’s value to looking good. There’s a return on your investment in blog beauty, and cleaning up your appearance will pay off for the long term. Use the more tag to clean up the front page of your blog, and your pretty environment will make people more interested in coming back. The ease with which your readers will be able to scan headlines will increase the likelihood of click-throughs, and finding a story that interests you will mean that you’ll have to give up a click to get the rest of what you want to know.

And every click is valuable to you.

Make your readers click for “more,” and that’s exactly what they’ll give you.