A Logline Helen Gurley Brown Would Approve Of

NBC aims to turn Cosmopolitan magazine into must-see TV.

JoannaColesFearlessPer Variety TV reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister, Hollywood has given Cosmopolitan magazine the green light. Or at least the idea of a TV show based on the current machinations of the publication, with editor in chief Joanna Coles (pictured) on board as the pilot’s executive producer.

In print and – if all goes well – on millennial streaming devices everywhere, the legacy of Helen Gurley Brown will live on (the male bolding is ours):

Just like the readers they cater to, the characters’ struggles are about balancing career and family, finding your identity and, according to the logline, “having the most mind blowing orgasms,” while getting your heart broken and managing friendships — all while wearing the perfect pair of jeans to flatter any body type.

As Wagmeister notes, a similar NBC project last year with Coles, titled Sleeping With Other People, did not pan out. The good news for current project writer Sarah Wilson: there’s plenty of fresh new creative spark in Ms. Coles’ Twitter feed.

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