Costume Quest comes to iOS in time for Halloween

Image via Double Fine Productions

Just in time for Halloween, Double Fine Productions has announced the launch of Costume Quest on iOS devices, bringing the game’s charming and colorful world to life for a mobile audience.

The game stars fraternal twins Reynold and Wren, who look to make new friends while trick-or-treating around their neighborhood on Halloween. The game takes an unexpected turn when one sibling is kidnapped by a candy-loving monster, so players must rescue them by bringing their costumes to life and battling anything that stands in their way.

Costume Quest is a role-playing adventure game that sees players collecting candy and Halloween costume parts as they finish quests. These costumes correspond to different characters during battle, as the children turn into large, formidable heroes like robots, knights, and even the Statue of Liberty.

Image via Double Fine Productions

Battles are turn-based, and include both standard attacks as well as stronger, character specific attacks that can either heavily damage opponents or greatly heal or otherwise aid allies. Players earn experience points and other rewards as they successfully defeat their opponents, and become stronger overall as a result.

Costume Quest was originally released on consoles in 2010, and was ported to PC and Mac later. The game is now available to download on iOS for $4.99. The game’s Winter and Christmas-themed update, Grubbins on Ice, is also available for $1.99. Check back soon to follow Costume Quest on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.