CPJ Releases Its Index of Countries Where Journalists are Murdered With Impunity

Somalia takes the top spot.

As a reminder of what it means when journalists’ lives are threatened, the Committee to Protect Journalists came out with this year’s impunity index, its report on countries where, as CPJ describes, “journalists are murdered and their killers go free.”

As it did the year before, Somalia has the dubious distinction of once again taking the top spot on the impunity index. To arrive at that conclusion, CPJ looked at journalists murdered in every country in the world from Sept. 1, 2006 to Aug. 31, 2016 to figure out how many of those murders are still unsolved; those countries with five or more made the index. There’s a tiny bit of good news there: the index went from 14 last year to 13 this year.

Those thirteen countries, in order, are: Somalia, Iraq, Syria, The Philippines, South Sudan, Mexico, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, India.

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