CQ Editor Taps Feet Three Times, Returns Home to Kansas

As we write this, the Toto metaphors are coming on very strong and we’re going to try to resist from telling you that a certain editor at CQ News Editor is following the yellow brick road.

Oh, but she is. She’s off to see the wizard!

Caitlin Hendel, who heads up CQ‘s health and agriculture coverage is packing up and moving home to Kansas. Jane Norman will replace her as interim editor. The good news for aspiring editors: They’re hiring.

See the memo. Editors and reporters –

For those of you who do not already know, Jane Norman is taking over as interim editor of CQ’s health and agriculture coverage. Jane brings years of experience writing about health care for CQHealthBeat and agriculture policy for the Des Moines Register in Washington. For the last week, she has been working closely with Caitlin Hendel, the current editor, learning about the new position. But that’s about to end. Caitlin is packing up her immense talent and going back to her home state of Kansas. Friday, sadly, is her last day. Please direct all further inquiries and suggestions about health care or agriculture coverage to [Jane at BLANK email address.]

We are considering applications for a permanent department editor for health care and agriculture. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Anne Q. Hoy

Executive Editor CQ News

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