CQ Roll Call Creates Advocacy Campaign Tool Ignite

To launch, manage and track campaigns.

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

CQ Roll Call’s product department trained its eyes, and code, on the creation of Ignite, a one-stop shop for individuals and organizations seeking to start and sustain an advocacy campaign.

Ignite’s CMS allows users to create a front-facing, mobile-friendly website that coordinates a number of campaign-related actions including writing letters directed toward particular politicians and government departments. It also allows users to comment on regulations.gov, add their name to a petition, make a call, even register to vote. Campaign builders can also track the success of specific actions and collect and maintain email lists of campaign participants.

The tool was designed after extensive customer input. “Our team spent hundreds of hours with users, hearing about their needs, goals and frustrations,” said CQ Roll Call chief innovation officer Matt Mansfield in a statement. “With lots of action in Congress and the states, users told us they needed an advocacy tool that helps get campaigns out the door fast.”

While CQ Roll Call already has a heavy-duty advocacy product called Engage, Mansfield and his team received post-election feedback that highlighted the “need for a lighter weight tool,” he told Fishbowl, a product that allowed for a quick start to a campaign. After eliciting input on what that product should look like, a five-person team that included two UX designers, two developers and one product manager, Megan McCoskey, created Ignite in nine weeks. “Having a small team helped us move quickly,” said Mansfield.

And if the opportunity to comment on regulations.gov seems like a lesser-used tool in the advocacy arsenal, its inclusion was thanks to user feedback, based on the sense from CQ Roll Call’s user group that this “might be a Congress and administration that rushes to do regulatory change,” said Mansfield. “People wanted the ability to comment.”

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