Pundit Shares Entire Gay Wedding Video

It was an unconventional wedding on April 6 for Craig Crawford, to say the least. And that’s not just because it was shared by two men.

Unconventional because it begins with a reading of the Ninth Amendment. Unconventional because because Crawford, a political pundit who runs his own website Trail Mix, and his new husband David are initially standing so far apart it’s hard to tell they’re even together. And unconventional because Crawford uploaded the 20-minute video of the ceremony to his website, the latest in a series of posts about the event (“my last wedding post, I promise”).

The wedding also featured readings of letters between John and Abigail Adams. After that and a poem were completed, Crawford and the groom got together to do the more normal things… like exchanging rings and vows.

The wedding took place at Maggiano’s Little Italy with centerpieces that included Bobbleheads of Abigail and Benjamin Franklin.

Full video of the proceedings here.

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