Craig Ferguson to Tina Fey: Twitter isn’t like heroin… except in one way [Video]

If you’re a 30 Rock fan, you likely already know that Tina Fey doesn’t have a Twitter account. And while on “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson this week, she told the audience why: she’s afraid she’ll become addicted. But, interjects Ferguson, Twitter isn’t like heroin – except you might fall asleep on the sidewalk while tweeting. Check out this funny clip below.

Fey was on Ferguson’s show promoting her new book “Bossypants”, which Ferguson told her was just a really, really long tweet.

Ferguson himself is on Twitter (@craigyferg), and tweets pretty regularly. So he took it upon himself to explain to Fey the merits of the service, and why she should be on it… but he really doesn’t do the greatest of jobs.

At first, Fey says she is a little reluctant to join Twitter because it will be too addictive. But Ferguson assures her it’s nothing like heroin.

Fey goes on to say that she probably wouldn’t want to tweet out any of her jokes or other funny material, and Ferguson again assures her that you don’t need to be funny on Twitter – just like on his show.

While the interview likely won’t be the catalyst for Fey signing up a shiny new verified account any time soon, the pair have a great back-and-forth discussing the merits of Twitter. Check it out below.

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