The 13 Best Reactions to BuzzFeed’s Appointment of a Media Editor

A mandatory listicle.

1. Ben Smith

The man who chose Craig Silverman for the job of BuzzFeed media editor, Ben Smith, fired a great warning shot in his comments to Fortune’s Mathew Ingram, who broke this news today:

Smith said that the rise of Facebook as a distribution force and the impact that has had on media is “the real story of media right now, not the comings and goings at traditional media companies in New York.”

2. Craig Silverman

When Twitter user Nick Andersen wrote that he was excited for Silverman but also somewhat worried, given BuzzFeed’s previous patterns with media reporters, Silverman himself jumped in.

3. Anna Tarkov

A journalist, columnist and keen-eyed observer, Tarkov caught a bit of semantics that we also noticed involving Silverman’s background.

4. Jennifer Hollett

The story was broken by Toronto-based Ingram and involves Toronto-based Silverman. So we naturally had to include at least one kudo from a fellow Hogtown media titan. Hollett is head of news and government for Twitter Canada and delivers a nice wink here.

5. Twelve Thirty Six

This operation calls itself Toronto’s news burrito. Tasty observation here. Well done.

6. Henry Fuhrman

Fake news, real news. As touched on above by Tarkov, the hyphen always matters. Former Los Angeles Times standards-bearer Fuhrman got Buzzfeed to adjust the headline.

7. Drake Fenton

When Silverman shared today’s news and doffed his cap at Toronto media desk colleague Jane Lytvynenko, it prompted a quick and fun exchange of Star Wars gifs. Something about Silverman’s surprise, twist-ending connection. To which Fenton added the perfect stock-photo punchline.

8. Tanya Chen

Chen wins for best internal BuzzFeed News chatter. At least until Happy Hour(s) tonight on both sides of the border.

9. Eric Lawson

A certain BuzzFeed debacle this week wrought by L.A.-based staffer Kate Aurthur was bound to come up. This, in context, was one of the cleverer mentions.

10. Kelly Maria Korducki

Some pungent big-picture framing of Silverman’s move, in the shadow of HBO’s Westworld.

11. Mathew Ingram

When the guy who broke the news about a fake-news expert’s next move, and the fake-news expert himself, exchange pleasantries on the platform that has fueled the fake-news phenomenon. Well, that’s when it got REAL.

12. Elamin Abdelmahmoud

Elamin runs the @BuzzFeedCanada account, which is very late to the Silverman congrats party. But at his personal twitter end, there is this from right around the time the news started circulating. In BuzzFeed terms, it’s perfect.

13. Craig Silverman

Finally, we circle back to the man of the hour, even though this was tweeted just before Ingram’s scoop hit the Twitter wire. Why? Because it’s about as TGIF a way to frame some starchy corporate news as one could hope for.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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