Crazy Hedgy from Cybertime jumps and rolls onto the app store

Crazy Hedgy is a new 3D platform game for iOS devices from Austrian 3D animation and effects company Cybertime. After ten years of working on film and TV, Crazy Hedgy marks the studio’s first attempt to break into games.

Crazy Hedgy stars the titular hedgehog in his quest to get to the bottom of some unexplained happenings in the land of Green Hedges. Along the way, Hedgy will find himself confronted with deep chasms, narrow walkways, springy trampolines and the unwanted attention of the Spankos.

The concept of a 3D platform game starring a hedgehog sounds very similar to Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog franchise on paper, but in execution the game is actually closer to another Sega title: Super Monkey Ball. By tilting the device forwards, backwards, left and right, players can guide Hedgy around the game’s 3D environments, collecting gems and coins and making his way to the exit at the far end of each level’s gauntlet of obstacles.

Tapping the right side of the screen causes Hedgy to jump — a notable change from Super Monkey Ball’s mechanics, where the characters could not jump unless they were thrown off a ramp at high speed — while tapping the left side causes Hedgy to attack with a punch. Hedgy unlocks a variety of special abilities throughout the course of the game by purchasing them from the in-game shop using collected gems. These include a grab attack, which allows players to pick up and throw objects, and numerous other moves which make getting around and dealing with enemies significantly easier. Each move can also be upgraded several times if the player has enough gems to spare.

The game comes in two flavors — a free Lite version which allows players to run through the tutorial and a subsequent level to get the feel of the game, and a full version where players unlock access to the levels through play. The two are presented as separate apps — there is no means of unlocking the full version via in-app purchase from within the Lite version. In fact, there are no in-app purchases in either version — not even the facility for players to purchase the game’s virtual currency and unlock levels early. However, the game does offer the facility for players to earn considerably more gems after completing a level by posting their score to Facebook or Twitter. Cybertime is doubtless hoping for a degree of viral marketing through this particular channel, especially as the rewards for posting to social networks are so great.

The game claims to have Game Center support in its App Store description but does not carry a Game Center icon on its store page. But it does support Game Center for leaderboards, with a “total score” leaderboard for the story mode currently implemented. Achievements have not been included at this time, however. According to the game’s official Facebook page, the developers are currently hard at work on a “mega update” to the game, but as yet have not revealed exactly what this will include.

According to our tracking service AppData, Crazy Hedgy is currently No. 346 in Top Paid Apps, No. 210 in top paid iPad apps, No. 157 in top paid iPhone games and No. 104 in top paid iPad games. There is currently no data available for Crazy Hedgy Lite as it is a more recent release.