Crazy Labs Launches Multiplayer Arena Game on Mobile allows users to eat inanimate blocks and other players to earn points

The multiplayer arena game challenges users to eat other players to become bigger, while avoiding being eaten themselves.

Crazy Labs, TabTale‘s casual games brand, launched on iOS and Android. The multiplayer arena game is similar to games like, in that it challenges users to eat other players to become bigger, while avoiding being eaten themselves.

In each game of, all players move around the same board, and they can collect small blocks to increase their size. Characters move automatically, and players can swipe to change directions.

As players grow, they can attempt to roll over or “eat” smaller players, eliminating them from the game. Players can also double-tap to run away from enemies, but they’ll become smaller in the process. Finally, players can collect bombs while playing, which they can fire at opponents.

Elsewhere, users can collect coins by rolling over them on the board. These coins can be spent on additional playable characters, different background themes and power-ups. includes 18 playable characters in all.

In addition to competing against other players in public matches, users can create private games and invite their friends to play. is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.