Crazy Labs’ mahjong game Tip Tap Monsters launches on iOS


Educational game and app company TabTale has released the second game under its Crazy Labs publishing label, which was formed to release games aimed at older audiences. The game is Tip Tap Monsters, a single-player puzzle game that challenges players to make matches with monsters described as “cute, yet cranky.”

Players have a choice of timed gameplay or a relaxed zen mode, and can complete levels across multiple tropical locations. Each level has a different layout of monster tiles, with tiles only being “removable” if their sides and tops are free of other tiles.

In each stage of the game’s timed mode, players are challenged to clear all of the board’s tiles in the shortest time possible. Tiles must be matched specifically with like-tiles, even if two non-matching tiles happen to have the same color. That is, players must match not only the color of the tile, but also the number of eyes (from one to six) each monster has on its face.

Tiles may rest in one large group or several small groupings, and players can only remove tiles if the have a free side and nothing sitting on top of them. The faster players complete a stage, the more stars they’ll earn. Players can replay stages to earn missed stars, and have access to two power-ups while playing each level.

The first is a shuffle button to shuffle the arrangement of the remaining tiles. In certain circumstances, these must be used, as no available moves may remain on the screen. The other is a hint button, which causes two matching tiles to bounce on the screen.

Tip Tap Monsters is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.