Create a Personal Twitter Reel with Twitter’s New #FollowMe Video Feature

Twitter and Portland’s data visualizers Vizify is teaming up to help you attract more followers with a highlight reel dubbed #FollowMe. Each video comprises of highlights of your Twitter hsitory including photos, vines, and stats documenting your savvy microblogging skill – like who you interact with and when you tweet the most.

Unlike Vine, #FollowMe doesn’t have a time limit. You can even add music from Rumblefish’s library of 1 million songs as you cut and edit the video to your heart’s desire. Once you’re done, embed them into your tweets to attract more followers.


If all of this looks familiar, it’s because Vizify was the start-up that created “Your Year on Twitter” which CEO Todd Silverstein calls “ on steriods.”

Via Mashable

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