Create Handwritten Emails With Bubbles

Emails can have an impersonal quality to them. Don’t fret, there is a new Web app available that can help you make them more personal by turning them into digital handwritten notes.

It’s called Bubbles. You can use it to create collaged messages which include images, drawings, and handwriting. Simply login to the app with your Facebook account, then begin to create a message. You can use your tablet computer or a digital drawing tablet as a surface to write your messages which will show up on the screen. You can save your work as a PDF which is then attached to the email message. You can send these messages to anyone but if you get your friends to sign up then they can “unhook” your message and add their own doodles and notes to the same page.

The tool also works great for collaboration, as you can write on an email that a friend sends to you and then send it back with their email and your doodles and handwriting on top. We’ve embedded a video of how the platform works above.

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