Credentials Required for Press @ WHC Garden Brunch

Garden brunch tent being erected in Haddad’s lawn today.

“Because the event has grown so much, we realized that this year would require additional management to ensure that working press get what they want, the guests are comfortable and everyone has a great time,” a source working on Tammy Haddad’s annual WHCA garden brunch told FishbowlDC when asked about the new rules and credentialing this year.

Haddad’s brunch has truly taken on a life of its own, evolving from an intimate affair on the media maven’s lawn to a celeb-filled fete and one of the year’s most sought-after invitations. But the increased interest has triggered a few problems in recent years and guests have complained after being ambushed by flip cams.

A note to press from partners of the event says, “we ask that working media understand that it’s a private party meant to be nothing more than fun for our guests and great awareness for the causes we are celebrating.”

“Since this is the same mix of celebrities, media and politicos that attend the WHCA dinner, we are following the same press guidelines that the WHCA has established for the dinner,” said our source.

Among the guidelines being enforced this year are:

No professional cameras, video or audio recorders under the tent.

Media covering the event must be credentialed.

Media is invited to cover the arrivals and step/repeat area only.

Photos from under the tent will be posted on throughout the day and can be published gratis.

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