Critics Tear Into Donald Trump’s Scottish Clubhouse Design

We were fortunately blessed here in Chicago in getting a Trump building that was well designed and certainly not an eyesore, but it’s looking like some in Scotland feel they haven’t fared nearly as well. This week, Donald Trump’s company unveiled plans for the clubhouse at the real estate magnate’s foray into Scottish golf course ownership, the blandly named Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen. There was already a fair bit of controversy surrounding the nearly billion-dollar development, with locals refusing to sell their property so that the course could be built, the release of the clubhouse renders has added fuel to the fire among detractors. A local told the Daily Record that the building “looks like an institution” and John Glenday of Urban Realm magazine told the paper that the building “is as artificial as Trump’s toupee and makes a mockery of this area of outstanding natural beauty.” Elsewhere, University of Glasgow architecture professor Andy MacMillan has been quoted by a number of outlets, saying that the clubhouse is a “hideous leftover from the Victorian era” and that it isn’t “even worthy of Disneyland” and, putting it perhaps mostly bluntly, “is gross.” For those who have found it so distasteful, we’re betting that things will only get worse for them from here on out, as the clubhouse is just one of the nearly thousands of buildings Trump has planned for the area (a residential section making up the bulk of that).

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