Critique of Givhan’s Kagan Fashion Piece Gets Personal

WaPo Fashion writer Robin Givhan wrote a provocative piece on Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan on Sunday in which she dissects Kagan’s dress and how she crosses (or doesn’t) her legs. Some journalists are lashing out at Givhan — some personally, so.

Politics Daily’s Luisita Lopez Torregrosa has a few harsh things to say about Givhan – mainly she believes Givhan wants everyone to look like Givhan.

An excerpt
“So the chatter on the Internet and in coffee shops turns to lesbian archetypes: the Birkenstock-wearing, crunchy granola womyn; the short-haired, androgynous type; and the glamorous, lipstick-wearing Portia de Rossi girl. What does Kagan’s short hair mean? Or the fact she wears makeup?” Robin Givhan is getting her kicks, doing the innuendo thing, but dressing it up in the gauzy language of fashion-as-sexual-psychology, or something.

It’s not a first fashion knockout for Givhan, a 45-year-old, slim and buffed-looking, with dark, wavy, long hair, who wears sexy sleeveless little black dresses and slingback heels. She’s got a knack for taking on middle-aged, influential women, women of substance, and tearing them apart for the bad taste of not looking like, well, her.”

HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins called Givhan’s story an “exercise in not mattering.” At one point in his review of Givhan’s piece he wrote simply: “Vomit.” At another, he (sarcastically) reminds readers that Givhan has won a Pulitzer for her work.

Read the full piece here.

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