‘Crossing: A Memoir’ is Today’s Free eBook of the Day

Crossing: A Memoir by Deirdre McCloskey is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

In the book McCloskey tells her story of going from man to woman in 20th century America.

We have read the stories of those who have “crossed” lines of race and class and culture. But few have written of crossing—completely and entirely—the gender line. Crossing is the story of Deirdre McCloskey (formerly Donald), once a golden boy of conservative economics and a child of 1950s and 1960s privilege, and her dramatic and poignant journey to becoming a woman. McCloskey’s account of her painstaking efforts to learn to “be a woman” unearth fundamental questions about gender and identity, and hatreds and anxieties, revealing surprising answers.

The University of Chicago has the eBook available as a free download for the month of June.

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