Crowdpark announces new social betting games Pet Vegas and AnteUp for Facebook

Developer Crowdpark launched two new social betting games on Facebook today, Pet Vegas and AnteUp, showing us just how the company’s kept busy since it raised $6 million in funding back in October.

Pet Vegas is a slot machine game featuring a cartoony animal theme. Players can bet on up to three slot rows and adjust the number of coins they’re willing to wager. Placing bets (even if they don’t win) allows players to level up, which unlocks bonuses and auto-spins of the slots. Like Crowdpark’s original Facebook betting game, Bet Tycoon, Pet Vegas incorporates virtual coins that players can buy with Facebook Credits, though there are also daily bonuses providing some free currency to play with.

AnteUp, meanwhile, is a peer-to-peer betting game that currently doesn’t have monetization in place. Instead, players target friends in their network with custom challenges and bet things like a drink, lunch, or a candy bar (“I bet Lisa a soda that I’ll get to the office before she does”). If players want to give the challenge a little extra publicity, it can be tweeted or turned into a Facebook announcement. After a bet is accepted, the challenged player is asked whether or not they won, and the challenger is asked to either confirm or dispute the results. Gameplay doesn’t change when an outcome is disputed, other than the game issuing a message about poor sportsmanship.

Crowdpark also has a third game in the works called 90Live, which will bring the company’s trademark social betting to the soccer field. 90Live is now in open beta and offers a variety of social sports bets for players, including live event wagers, trivia questions, and weekly predictions. The game doesn’t have an official launch date yet, but a final version is expected to launch some time soon.

Crowdpark’s increasing game base shows how social titles are continuing to tap into the i-gaming space, even though Facebook doesn’t currently allow users to gamble with real money. It’s estimated that revenue from online gambling will be up to $35.8 billion (over last year’s estimated $33.6 billion), which makes for a very tempting pie out of which to take a slice.