Cultural Trends App n² Launches on iOS

The n² app presents users with each day's most interesting stories, which relate to current cultural trends.

New York-based agency sparks & honey has released ‘now, next,’ or n², on iOS devices. The cultural trends app was designed to keep users informed about the most interesting stories each day, while also highlighting trends in our culture.

The n² app is based on the ‘culture briefings’ sparks & honey hosts in their office each day, which see the team discuss current cultural patterns, and how citizens and brands are interacting with those trends. Since interested users may not be able to attend these briefings in person, the app looks to replicate the experience for everyone.

While using the n² app, users can browse a daily list of stories which match current trends. Users can read or share each full story from within the app, with each story tagged with an overall ‘element of culture’ that makes the story important.

Now, Next 2

Currently, these cultural elements include key words and phrases like ‘life streaming’ and ‘digital detox.’ Tapping each word or phrase brings up a list of stories associated with that trend.

The n² app is part of a new Product Suite from sparks & honey, which will offer ‘consumer and enterprise-facing’ products. Additional products will include things like ‘subscription-based trend reports’ and ‘interactive experiences targeting creators and small to medium businesses.’

In a statement, Terry Young, founder and CEO of sparks & honey, commented:

The Product Suite is a way for us to contextualize the shifting cultural trends we see via our system and to share them with the world. Until now, our daily insights and primary research have only been shared with a select few. But now, the Product Suite takes the same pattern recognition and trends forecasting that we do every day and shares them with anyone who is part of the curious class.

The n² app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app provides a 30-day free trial period, and requires a subscription thereafter.

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