Twitter New Year’s Resolution: Curate Your Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are a crucial resource for organizing the perhaps hundreds of people you follow on Twitter into categorized roundups for quick reference.

If you create a list, it can be private (just for you) or public (so that you can share it).

You can add anyone you like to a Twitter list, even without following them – but it’s best to include accounts that have something in common.

For example, there’s a Media Bistro blog network Twitter list, which basically means you get the day’s TV, local, social and other media news in real-time from our entire network on Twitter, without having to follow each blog one-by-one.

Following Twitter lists means you can follow the conversation happening between, say, 25 social media marketing experts without being bothered by non-relevant tweets littered in between, like you would see on your home Twitter feed. And if you use a Twitter dashboard like HootSuite, you can even monitor each list in a discrete column.

December is a great time to take stock of your Twitter account. A first easy New Year’s resolution we suggested was utilizing the MyPermissions tool.

Now, here’s another Twitter New Year’s resolution for you.

Streamline your Twitter experience by curating your Twitter lists using a few of these tips and tools:

Twitilist: Twitilist is a user-friendly Twitter list manager that lets you drag and drop the people you follow on Twitter into sortable lists. Check it out here.

Tweepi: This Twitter management tool lets you analyze and filter tweeps out based on their activity and sociability. You can “clean up” users with Klout scores under a certain minimum, unfollow people who haven’t followed you back after 30 days and even more. Kind of harsh, perhaps – but definitely flexible and customizable. This robust Twitter relationship management tool helps you find the most valuable members within your Twitter community and beyond it by auto-sorting your followers into Influencers, Supporters and Engaged Members. In addition, you can set up specific keyword searches and will find the people who have those keywords in their profile or tweet about those keywords often. It will then list those people for you based on their level of influence on Twitter. Pretty snazzy.

Listorious: Listorious is a self-curating Twitter list search engine, where you can find lists of everyone from photographers to football journalists to top tech bloggers to NBA players.

SocialBro: Go above and beyond with SocialBro, which lets you become intimately acquainted with your Twitter community. In addition to organizing your followers and friends into Twitter lists and then analyzing those lists, SocialBro provides you with multi-level stats, follow/unfollow functionality and a tag cloud for your Twitter environment.

Want more? Twitter has a whole page on creating Twitter lists.

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