Curbed LA Lands a Copy of The Architect Script

Speaking of Dubai and not to get too meta here, but our friends at Curbed LA had an extra nice surprise sort of vaguely related to us. On Wednesday, we reported that the studio RKO had picked up a script entitled The Architect, which is to be some sort of action-thriller about an up and comer who lands his dream job building a skyscraper in Dubai (circa 2010, if you can believe it). Curbed managed to get a copy of the script and were able to dig through it, finding and posting some of the good bits. Reading through what they’ve posted, there’s only a brief reference to the reality that building isn’t really something Dubai is so hot on right now, though maybe the movie works that in to explain that while this architect might have Bond-like combat skills once the action parts kick in, he isn’t particularly aware of current events or the goings-ons in his own industry.

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