Customize Your Keyboard To Navigate Your Facebook Page

The use of hot keys has long been as easy way to quickly navigate around the Web, and now it’s possible to breeze through Facebook using your keyboard and the Firefox plugin Greasemonkey. The Facebook Keyboard Navigation tool became available earlier this month at, and can be customized to create a unique set of hot keys to fit any user.

Facebook Keyboard Navigation gives users 16 assigned shortcuts, as well as the ability to customize the keys further to suit individual needs and preferences. The preset keys redirect to some of the more heavily used aspects of Facebook, such as photos, your events, your groups and more. But the real advantage will probably be in the easy access to some of the more buried features like account settings and privacy settings.

Of course, with the ability to customize your short cuts, your keyboard can take you anywhere on Facebook. All you’ll really need to know is the URL target for the desired page, and with a couple of edits to the very simple script, you can navigate to every corner of your Facebook universe with just a single key. The caveat is that you’ll have to use the Firefox web browser to use this plugin.

Here’s the breakdown of the hot keys already set up in the tool:

A – Edit application settings
B – Go to list of birthdays
C – Go to photos
D – Find friends
E – Go to your list of events
F – View the list of all your friends
G – Go to groups
H – Go to your home page
I – Go to the message Inbox
L – Go to your links page
M – Send a message
N – Go to your notes
P – Go to your profile page
S – Edit your account settings
T – Go to Notifications page
V – Edit your privacy settings

While everyone from designers to heavy Web surfers to gamers have long enjoyed the advantages of hot keys, this added level of access is useful to anyone that frequents Facebook. It’s also a great tool for anyone using a laptop or netbook with small, cramped trackpads, and offers a way to quickly check out areas of your page that you may not have visited on a regular basis.

More and more offerings for Facebook customization are popping up on Greasemonkey, such as the ability to track who’s dropping your from their friends list, and this latest addition to the tool kit creates an even more convenient and efficient interface.