New Survey Reveals Majority of Workers Succumb to Cyber Monday Shopping (at Work)

Ah, we know the drill.

You’re at work. A click here, a click there, a click everywhere. After all, it’s Cyber Monday and there are steals and deals to be had!

As per a new CareerBuilder survey (via AOL Jobs), 54 percent of employees expect to spend some time today shopping online for the holidays. This is an increase compared to 49 percent from 2012.

We’re not going to get preachy here to say you should wait until lunchtime or a break before you hop online but we will say to watch the clock so a lot of your day isn’t eaten up by online purchases. Your wallet will thank you and also your boss. One out of five workers will apparently spend between one and three hours browsing for deals during the holiday season and 10 percent will spend more than three hours.

Not only will online shopping distract you, it could plunge your motivation. Per the press release, Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources, indicated, “Employers are often more lenient around the holidays when it comes to their employees shopping online; however, it is up to employees to make sure the quality of their work is not suffering.”

Although online shopping is certainly a distraction, social media could be distractions, too (like any other day, technically). Keep in mind employers are onto this — per the survey, 51 percent of employers revealed their companies block certain sites so their employees can’t access them and one in five have fired someone for using the ‘net for activities not related to work.

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