Cycloramic App Creates Panoramic Videos Using iPhone’s Vibration

Cycloramic is a great app for photographers who’ve been searching for the most minimal panoramic device. The app uses the latent energy of your phone’s vibration to rotate it while filming – creating a smooth panoramic video which would normally require a swivel and tripod.

Travelers might find this app especially appealing since it only needs a smooth surface to spin on and can continue to spin without any dizzying effects on the videographer. The app is best for iPhone 5, which is lighter and more agile – there are complaints from iPhone 4 users of it not spinning precisely. Unfortunately, you can only record in vertical mode for now, but newer versions will have horizontal videos without losing vertical resolution.

Developers of Cycloramic hints at new social features in the near future, so you can share straight onto your favorite social network, like Facebook or Youtube. This might be especially useful for realtors to show off their latest units.

There are few apps, if any, that exploits the vibration energy of cell phones like Cycloramic. Apps are usually created or designed but this app takes a step further into the realms of physics in order to invent a new way of utilizing the conventional cell phone.


Via Techcrunch