D Magazine Readers Split on November Cover

Dallas monthly editor asks whether his team made the right editorial choice.

Wick Allison, chairman and publisher of glossy Dallas monthly D magazine, launched the publication in 1974 and returned to it in the mid-1990s after a sojourn in New York, where he built up another magazine brand, Art & Antiques. Per his editor Tim Rogers, Allison is very involved in the selection process of the print edition cover:

There’s nothing we fret over more each month, as a staff, than the cover of the magazine. It’s the thing that Wick gets the most involved with, sometimes killing designs at the very latest stage of the production cycle. To gather something resembling objective data, we have printed multiple preliminary cover designs and accosted downtown passersby to ask which version they found most appealing.


This month, Rogers went online as well, post-publication, to poll readers which of the two covers above would entice them most to buy a copy at the newsstand. At press time, the vote is split right down the middle, with the mug shot on the left garnering 51% of the vote and the scalpel, at right–the cover Wick and co. went with–collecting 49%.

The November cover story about Plano spine surgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch follows an October D magazine cover heralding the area’s “Best Docs.”

Image via: dmagazine.com

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