D. Shuster Takes Bite out of Breitbart, Slams MSNBC and Ratigan

Ex-MSNBCer David Shuster got into a rather feisty exchange with Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart this morning while subbing on Bill Press’s lefty radio program. This was after D. Shuster bashed MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan for what he dubbed was his “awful” interview with Breitbart Tuesday. The subject was Breitbart’s newly released Righteous Indignation: Excuse me While I Save the World.

The interview included near-continuous interruptions and sharp-toned exchanges. Breitbart’s answer to Shuster’s final question at least provided a moment of comedy: 

D. Shuster: Did you have any sort of arrangement with Dylan Ratigan about questions that he would ask or not ask in exchange for having you on his program?

Breitbart: Of course not, but we date.

The Shuster-Breitbart interview began on a very Breitbartesque note: “Good morning,” he shouted into the phone. (Breitbart can’t help himself when it comes to shouting on the phone or into answering machines. Comprehension always increases with volume.) “You’re getting me without coffee. You’re getting me without a lot of sleep. But I think I’m going to be fine anyway.”

In other words, Shuster’s lucky he got him at all. Take that mainstream media!

Shuster, who describes himself as an “Executive Editor of a journalism venture still under construction”, wanted a shot at interviewing Breitbart after what he thinks was Ratigan’s softball approach…

“The approach I took this morning is more in keeping with the journalistic obligations viewers/listeners want show hosts/anchors to meet,” D. Shuster told FishbowlDC. “Regarding Dylan’s interview with Andrew Breitbart, I agree with several of my MSNBC colleagues who contacted me yesterday and said they were embarrassed for Dylan, his show, and MSNBC.”

Shuster thought Ratigan dropped the ball. “You can be polite and ask sharp questions and correct BS,” he said. “Dylan’s questions and comments were embarrassing to MSNBC colleagues and I agree with their sentiments.”

Listen to the Shuster/Breitbart dust-up here.