D3 Go! Celebrates Third Anniversary of Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest turns three this week, and to celebrate, D3 Go! and developer Demiurge Studios will launch a series of events in the game.

Marvel Puzzle Quest turns three this week, and to celebrate, D3 Go! and developer Demiurge Studios will launch a series of events in the game.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a match-three puzzle battle game that allows users to collect heroes and villains from the Marvel universe and take them into battle against a variety of enemies.

The game’s anniversary celebration will begin Oct. 6 with the release of a special player-vs.-player season featuring four new player-vs.-player events: Class of 2016, Devil Dinosaur, Gwenpool and Best Friends Forever.

In addition, Demiurge Studios will release a new PVE Alliance Event called Boss Rush, which will allow players to battle against the original Marvel Puzzle Quest bosses and “a select number of five-star characters.”

Instead of fighting against a single enemy in the boss pin, the single-player Boss Rush will feature a horde mode pin that will allow players to compete against multiple bosses at once. D3 Go said early boss pins will include two or three boss characters, and that the length of the horde mode pin will increase as the event progresses.

Throughout the game’s third anniversary celebration, players will be able to earn double iso-8 crystal rewards, and they will also have access to a special Anniversary Vault, a “new and improved” Devil Dino and more. An in-game currency sale is also taking place until Oct. 7.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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