Daily Beast Runs Video of Reader Telling Jay Carney ‘F*** You’

In a video published by The Daily Beast Friday, one of the publication’s readers offered this thoughtful analysis on President Obama‘s appointment of Susan Rice as his next National Security Adviser:

“Fuck you Jay Carney. I’ll tell you who misrepresents the fact. It’s this government. You bastard.”

The gentleman in question — a bald, middle-aged man who apparently lifts weights, wears ugly sleeveless T’s and enjoys a good wall tapestry — made the comment after reading an answer White House Press Secretary Jay Carney gave to FNC at Wednesday’s briefing.

“I welcome the opportunity to correct the record, especially for some news outlets who persist in misrepresenting the facts,” Carney had said when asked by FNC if Rice is “most qualified” for her promotion, despite having delivered incorrect talking points in relation to the Benghazi terrorist attack.

We’ve requested comment from The Daily Beast as to whether publishing an unknown man’s harsh words for Carney was an appropriate editorial decision.

Watch the video…

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