Daily Caller Reporter Dodges Photo Hazing

Back in July when The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle was a budding reporter, he caught flack from his colleague Jeff Poor for using a TV appearance still as his Twitter profile picture. Poor said using a screen shot for a photo “seems douchey.”

Poor changed his own profile picture to a photo of Boyle in a fake tuxedo and vowed to leave it unchanged until Boyle swapped his own out for one less “douchey.”

Eventually both parties changed their photos and professional, uniform photos for all staff was mandated by The Daily Caller. But many of the writers do not use the new ones as Twitter profile pictures. They use a variety of pictures, including, ahem, the alleged “douchey” TV appearances.

Since then, two other reporters from the publication, resident egomaniac Michelle Fields and, more recently Alex Pappas, have used the same type of photos for their Twitter profile pictures. And yet they don’t seem to be getting the hazing Boyle got.

We asked Poor what he thought of Pappas’ new photo. He said he hadn’t noticed the change, but called it “very disappointing.” Boyle has not returned request for comment. Fields and Pappas have, but not with anything we can actually use, unfortunately.