Daily Caller Takes Another Shot at Politico

The Daily Caller issued a release yesterday on current web traffic — 4.6 million monthly unique visitors based on Google Analytics. Quantcast has them at 3.3. million, but in many circles Google Analytics is considered more reliable. They made a special point to blast Politico, as they have on many occasions, saying they had “obliterated the growth pattern of more niche operations like Politico.” Then they offered an unusual sequence of comparisons to entities such as Orbitz and Travelocity.

Asked what they meant by their jab at Politico, Daily Caller Publicist Nicole Roeberg explained by email, “We mean that at our two-year point (this January), we have way more readers than Politico did at their two-year point.”

“At 4.6 million unique readers at the 2-year mark, The Daily Caller has doubled the growth rate of other very successful general online news offerings such as The Huffington Post, and has obliterated the growth patterns of more niche operations like Politico.  The site is currently ranked ahead of many well-known and long-established entities including The Hill, Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, The Economist, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. The Daily Caller also received more visitors in January than the online travel booking sites Orbitz and Travelocity.”

Politico, meanwhile, released their latest numbers this morning in an internal memo to staff. Mentioning that they’ve topped 300,000 Twitter followers, they never once mentioned The Daily Caller or any other publication. VandeHarris wrote:

“Thanks to the hard work of our traffic and web teams,  we topped 77 million page views in January, a new record for us. The previous high was 76 million in March of 2010. We also had 11 million unique visitors to the site, a whisker away from a site record and second-best since launch.”


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