Daily Mail Corrects Front-Page Headline

Paper pins the blame on third-party news agency.

From a U.S. consumption perspective, it’s easy to forget sometimes that The Daily Mail is also a British print newspaper. On Thursday, this was the front-page headline:


On page 2 of today’s editions, there is the following correction to the piece, written by deputy political editor Jason Groves and political reporter James Slack:

In common with other newspapers, we published a reputable news agency’s story yesterday which said that stowaways intercepted in east London had told police that they were “from Europe.” In fact, while they had travelled to the U.K. in an Italian vehicle from mainland Europe, the migrants told police they were from Iraq and Kuwait.

To the Mail’s credit, the online, corrected version of the article features a similar note at the bottom. On the other hand, the incorrect June 16 headline may have impacted the way more than a few readers vote in the country’s upcoming EU referendum.

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