Daily Messages and Profile Mods Top This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Growers By MAU

This week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users is led by Frases Diarias, provided that you except (and we always do) the in-house Facebook app Static FBML.

Frases’ growth is quite impressive, since it’s a Spanish-language app. It’s also quite simple, being at its heart a quote-of-the-day service. Of course, when those quotes are posted to the walls of users, it’s no surprise that their friends come flooding in.

Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Static FBML 64,255,954 +1,806,371 +2.89
2. Frases Diarias 3,215,783 +985,017 +44.16
3. @Smiles 7,021,456 +436,004 +6.62
4. Translations 429,162 +428,409 +56,893.63
5. Yearbook 4,129,220 +422,910 +11.41
6. Family Feud 4,816,329 +420,998 +9.58
7. Facebook 34,353,852 +368,754 +1.09
8. Collect Roses 895,866 +331,196 +58.65
9. Profile HTML 746,470 +322,983 +76.27
10. Nightclub City 978,034 +318,460 +48.28
11. Profile Box 889,474 +301,042 +51.16
12. Name Analyzer 843,352 +286,941 +51.57
13. Quiz Planet! 5,138,830 +276,121 +5.68
14. Big City Life 1,431,276 +239,693 +20.12
15. Bola 2,572,522 +236,171 +10.11
16. Kingdoms of Camelot 3,183,890 +193,243 +6.46
17. Movies 3,928,846 +180,354 +4.81
18. MindJolt Games 12,959,308 +177,140 +1.39
19. Tarjetitas 2,106,475 +171,996 +8.89
20. My Tribe 809,038 +168,444 +26.29

While Frases is exclusively in Spanish, the next app down, @Smiles, seems to have crossed all language barriers in its userbase by offering a pleasant facial expression of the day instead of words.

Yearbook is continuing to take off, offering more or less the same service that Facebook once helped with and Classmates.com exists for: finding school buddies, current or prior. Compete reports that Classmates.com is falling, having just dipped below 12 million unique visitors per month, so it’s not entirely impossible that Yearbook will overtake it at some point.

Family Feud, out for two months now, is actually picking up the pace of its growth — we talk a bit more about that today over at Inside Social Games. It’s followed by Facebook, which appears to have dropped the “for iPhone” appellation from its name in an apparent effort to apply beyond just the iPhone (like for the iPad, perhaps?). As usual, the Blackberry mobile app also grew, although it’s way down at number 26, which you can’t see here.

Finally, keep an eye on Profile HTML and Profile Box, two apps that both allow users to create a custom box of content on their profile. On Friday, Profile Box was in the lead; now the two have switched positions. The race is far too early to call, but whichever of the pair ends up taking the lead will probably go on to become quite a significant app.

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