Daily News Changes Up Its Front Page After Hillary Clinton’s Speech Tuesday


The front page that the New York Daily News originally planned to run with for this morning’s paper was swapped out in later editions for one that noted Hillary Clinton‘s historic ascension to the role of presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

Historic for America, anyway, because 63 countries have at some point in their history had a female president or prime minister, and we’ve only just reached the first female presumptive major party nominee for president phase.

While this was kind of old news since AP came out with their Monday-night, pre-primary story reporting that Clinton had already reached the delegate threshold, factoring in the likely superdelegate votes AP reporters had tracked down, Clinton’s speech, along with her wins in California and New Jersey Tuesday night diluted the effect of the AP spoiler. The speech didn’t only check the box marking it an important moment, it felt it.

And so the Daily News went from this:

To this:

Editors note: This post has been corrected to reflect the fact that the original front page ran in early editions of the paper, rather than never having run in print, as the earlier version of this post stated.