Dan Abrams Launches Mogulite

The Dan Abramsempire has expanded once again today, with the launch of Mogulite, a website dedicated to CEOs, entrepreneurs and really, really rich people.

If it seems like Abrams is launching a new site every other day, that’s because he is: Mogulite is the seventh site began by Abrams since 2009. And lest you think he’s done after this one, he tells The Cutine that there’s more coming. “We will be launching more sites this year,” said Abrams. “We expect to create at least two more in 2011, probably three.”

With that kind of attitude, FishbowlNY decided to offer some help on what those sites could be. Here’s a few we liked:

  • Puppyite – The latest gossip from the world of puppies, including who’s humping who, and why Pugsly the Pug can’t resist eating rubber bands
  • Sandite – An inside look at sand, where we find the answers to questions like which kind of sand is really the king of all sandcastles?
  • Tacoite – Everything and anything tacos. Key feature: Tacos have so much to offer us, but will the feud between beans and meat cause irreparable harm to the fragile shell of the taco lifestyle?