Dan Lagani Named President of RD Media

Mary Berner has hired another former Fairchild alum to head the flagship of Reader’s Digest Association, where she’s president and CEO.
Dan Lagani has been named president of RD Media, reporting to Lisa Sharples, the company is announcing today. Lagani will be the latest executive to oversee Reader’s Digest magazine and its other U.S. RD-branded businesses.
Lagani recently was president of Fairchild Fashion Group, Condé Nast’s B2B fashion retail. He stepped down in March 2009.
The appointment stems from a recent shakeup at RDA that had Eva Dillon stepping down as president of all Reader’s Digest-branded products. Lisa Sharples, president of RDA’s AllRecipes.com, was named to succeed her, reporting to Berner.

Lagani comes at a challenging time for Reader’s Digest. The pocket-sized magazine had a decent performance last year, relatively speaking—ad pages were off only 7.4 percent versus the consumer magazine industry’s decline of 25.6 percent.
However, its business has since stalled, though, with pages falling 22.4 percent this year through its May issue, per the Mediaweek Monitor.

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